Our signature embroidered musslins comes in 4 shapes and sizes.

[icon:theme-078] Large : 100x100 cm

Our large swaddles are great for swaddling, as beach towels, for shading and as blankets - your call, or rather ... your babies call.

[icon:theme-078] Medium : 65x65 cm

Our medium size musslins works many purposes. Burp bibs, cuddle buddies, pacifier holders,"mom- pretty-silk-shirt-shoulder protectors" 

[icon:theme-078] Mini : 40x40 cm

Our washcloths comes in 2´s - and these are the perfect bath buddies. Its soft tripple layered thickness are great for putting on baby's belly during shower time. Or for snacktime as wet towels to wipe those delicate cheeks and chubby fingers free of mashed peas and potatoes.

[icon:theme-078] Micros : 25x25 cm

We call them our hankies, perfect for our purse, for tiny runny noses - just like grandma's.

[icon:theme-078] Hodded towels : 85x85 cm

Almost iconic baby gear. Its the first thing we think of when bathing our little loves. How to keep them warm and comfortable after the bath. And these hooded towels will make sure they stay warm and comfy. Our soft absorbant muslin fabric is an ideal towel.



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