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CO Label Eco Ethos.

CO Label emerged in response to a fundamental question: Why do we even produce fashion for children? In reality, children are happy in simple and comfortable clothes with room to move and grow. The same applies for parents, seeking quality and style that will last for years – enduring endless playground tumbles without being destroyed or aged. We believe so.

Hence CO Label was born. Children’s wear you’ll return to. Again and again

As a mother of four children myself it was a matter of principle as well as an ethical rationale, which made me search for a more sustainable children’s wear solution. After several years, a growing family and seeing brands come and go, I slowly became adverse seeing children in fast fashion ‘fads’ marketing to young children. 

But I also knew that all is not necessarily well with an ‘organic’ stamp. If we continue to consume at a rapid rate, the organic footprint doesn’t matter. We have to buy less and buy smarter and increase longevity. That is what sustainability is truly about.

Having a long history in the apparel industry, the ultimate decision to create a timeless, capsule children’s wear brand came naturally. Here at CO Label we focus on premium, sustainable children’s wear, produced with respect for both planet and people, and in fabrics and styles that you’ll be able to pass on from generation to generation. 

CO Label Promises:

#1 Responsible manufacturing 

At Co Label everything begins with the material. Over half a year is spent sourcing textiles as sustainably as possible. The first collection was produced from premium ‘surplus fabric’ – i.e. the fabric remaining from producers once manufacturing was completed for international brands. 

All of CO Label’s fabrics are weaved, washed and dyed close by in Europe (Italy). The only exception is our GOTS certified cashmere, which is sourced from India, due to quality requirements and standards. All clothes are sewed in Italy by skilled craftsmen with fair working conditions, while the use of dye and other agents adhere to the strict European standards. This is your guarantee for fewer ‘clothing miles’ and all without a huge price tag.

#2 Quality for a lifetime of play 

A kid’s life can be tough – at least when it comes to clothing. Clothes must survive jumping and climbing, cartwheels and ice cream, wind and weather … and when siblings are lucky enough to inherit our clothes, we promise quality, durability and washability. 

CO Label garments are made from gentle, breathable materials that are incredibly soft to touch – even after 30+ washes. Careful production, clever design and thoughtful details ensure your child’s clothes that will last more than a season

#3 Seasonless styles 

Children do not need clothes that follow trends. That’s a demand that producers have forged in an attempt to increase unnecessary consumerism. 

Children need clothes, rather, that work hard for them and are comfortable to wear.

That is why CO Label collections are available in a palette of neutral colours that remain classic and sympathetic to varying skin palettes and body shapes. The same goes for the design; if clothes are to be truly reusable, both genders should be able to benefit from them. 

CO Label is timeless, seasonless: You can find your favourite styles in varying materials, sold at a consistent price, and most of all you will always be able to match an old favourite with a new one. That’s true sustainability.

Best regards,

My Seline von Appen Keller

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DK-1820 Frb.C

Frederiksberg, Denmark

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