How to assist you Friends and Family when having a baby

ved My Seline von Appen Keller Nov 07, 2021

How to assist you Friends and Family when having a baby

How can you assist your Friends and Family when welcoming a baby into the family?

While many of us has started this journey already, new parents has just embarked on this journey - and helping them ease into this new chapter of their lives will give them great strength to overcome the difficulties and new challenges in the coming years.

There are some of the obvious things we can do to help them;

  • Bring food,
  • Stay for short visits,
  • Hold baby so mom can shower,
  • Do errands.

But supporting the new parents in their own role is also one very important and often overlooked kind of support YOU can help giving.

And how do we do that? 

Well, one of the things we should NOT do, is taking over the situation when and if mom is struggling. Always support your friend in trusting her own intuition when it comes to nursing, comforting, feeding and so on. *)

Eliminate disturbances from the new family - encourage them to not having to many things on their to-do lists, cutting down on visits.

These first few weeks are very important for the new parents to adjust with baby - and every baby is unique. Some may have sleeping babies, others may have crying babies and then again everything can and will change over a few weeks.



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