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Love is All (A)Round!

From womb to the nurturing breast to the arms that encircle them, the newborn’s eyes capture a subtly blurred universe, made up of shapes that become increasingly familiar as he develops. To respect the precious nature of his first view of the world, Élhée imagined a curvaceous form as a poetic nod to maternal curves, poles apart from conventional cylindrical baby bottle formats.

As the baby’s very first object of affection, as gentle to the eye as to the touch, BibRondis an eloquent tribute to motherhood. From the Sèvres Breast Bowl modelled on Marie-Antoinette’s breast, to sculptress Jane McAdam Freud’s Champagne glass moulded on Kate Moss’ left breast, many recipients in the history of design have been inspired by the natural curves of the feminine form. It’s somewhat strange that no baby bottle form has ever appropriated this until today. With its innovative format, the Élhée BibRond‘s natural aesthetic is in line with its function and with the aspirations of new parents. From the kitchen to the living room, this nomadic object accompanies modern families seeking authenticity with elegance.

While its purpose is primarily practical, the baby bottle is also the very first physical object introduced into the parent-infant relationship. This object of an unconditional link will punctuate the family’s daily routine at feeding time and will come to symbolise the baby’s first months of life, a space-time relationship as fleeting as it is determining.

Its feminine curves and its delicate texture make Élhée BibRond the ideal companion for new parents who see beyond the baby bottle, a vector of transmission for all of the first emotions. A bubble of gentleness designed to enhance feeding time, this container of poetry opens the way to a new art of bottle-feeding.

To meet the extremely high quality and safety standards, Élhée quickly renounced the materials traditionally used by baby bottle manufacturers, turning instead to the latest medical-grade silicone, selected with the highest possible degree of care. This new, non-allergenic raw material is perfectly adapted for contact with comestible products and is totally free of Bisphenol A and S and other chemical substances that can place the health of infants and young children at risk.

The teat that caps BibRond meets the same exacting criteria of infant safety and well-being. Made from extra-supple silicone, its natural and physiological shape reproduces the shape of the mother’s nipple. It is also perfectly suitable for mothers who wish to alternate breast and bottle-feeding. The teat incorporates a valve that reduces the absorption of air during suction, thus decreasing the risk of infant colic. Perfectly adapted to the baby’s oral cavity, it actually contributes to the healthy development of this.


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