699,00 DKK
SUSTAINABLE DENIM jumpsuit, made from sustainable sources.
Cute jumpsuit with visible wooden front buttons ,
Adjustable front straps.
Minimalistic clean cut and classic denim details. 
Two front leg pockets for small treassures and treats.
A little extra length added on the back for comfortable movement.
Sewn and dyed in Italy
Medium weight fabric, ideal for both summer and fall. 
Not to tightly weaved, will allow skin
to breathe.
Image shows a size 18M.
Will fit from approx. 12M-18M 
Fits true to size.
For a more oversized look, go 1 age sizes up.
RE-CYCLED fibers saves the planet from, first of all getting rid of fabric otherwise meant for landfills or burning, but also from new production of cotton fibers, witch is a very water consuming crop.

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